Black LPC Supervisor in Houston, TX

Sherell Hebert is is a Black LPC Supervisor in Houston, TX.  She graduated from HBCUs.  She graduated from Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA with a BA in Journalism.  She then taught elementary school for in Louisiana for four years before moving to Houston, Texas.  She taught in Houston ISD for another four years before deciding to go to grad school.

Sherell entered grad school in 2000 and earned a MA in Counseling from Prairie View A&M University in 2002.  Needing to learn more about the workings of the human mind, Sherell immediately enrolled in a second graduate program.  Sherell graduated with a degree in Human Sciences in 2005 from Prairie View University.

Now, Sherell Hebert owns a counseling practice in a suburban area of Houston,TX.  Visit the website to her counseling practice, Copperfield Counseling & Psychotherapy.

Why a page about Sherell Hebert being a Black or African American LPC Supervisor?  Simple. There are many who want a Black or African American Supervisor who can identify with their cultural experience.  The Black or African American experience, despite advances made by our society’s mindset, is still a story all its own.  The Black or African American LPC Supervisor can share with you the paths she took in order to reach freedom (working for one’s self).

The Black or African American Supervisor has had to overcome odds and be better than the rest in order to establish herself in a way that superseded the efforts of others.

Do you want to learn from her or someone who may not have had quite as many struggles, and who may not be able to identify with yours?

Does she only work with black or African American interns?  Absolutely not!  Why would she?  Her interns, like her clients have been of almost every race and ethnicity and her view of people is absolutely un-biased and color blind.  An intern of any race or ethnicity could learn a lot from her because of the fact that she has had to overcome obstacles and runs a successful practice.

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